About Us:

The Real Deal Band consists of 4 staunch members, Matt (Drums), Jim (Bass), Lavinia (Vocals), and Marlon also well known as “Showtime” (Keys & Vocals). However, this band has extended members who are used to facilitating larger functions like weddings, staff parties, etc. Marlon the founder and Lead Singer of The Real Deal was born in Barbados and started this venture of becoming one of the most Versatile Party bands across the UK. The band is no doubt a dynamic team of musicians on a mission to entertain you and make you dance your socks off. Gig after gig the band grows more popular with the masses, playing tunes from through the decades, classics to today's modern hits. The Real Deal Band's reputation truly proceeds them as they are well known for getting the party started.

Matt Chesson

Being raised on a farmhouse in the country side Matt  spent a lot of his childhood with his dad helping out around the farm and listening to music, by bands such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bob Marley and the Wailers and Bon Jovi just to name a few. By age 14 Matt feel in love with live music and wanted to pursue his dream of being a drummer. 

During his spare time Matt would go from pub to pub watching local bands perform and even taking the stage whenever an opportunity arises. Playing at Open Mic and Jam nights across kent, finally his chance came. Matt was offered his first ever gig with originals bands “Jody’s Flat” which then opened many doors for him. Matt was offered not long after to be apart of another group called “We are Bandicoot”.

Matt set off on his musical journey, touring around the UK and EU performing for massive Festivals and High profile events. As his skills and techniques grew so did Matts vision for the future, he then ventured into the recording aspect of music, where he record drums for various artist and bands. 

There is not a day that goes by that he isn’t playing drums or expanding his knowledge of music. Matt aspires to one day run his own recording studio and to be performing on some of the worlds greatest shows, meeting amazing people and doing what he loves most.

Marlon "Showtime" Brathwaite

Marlon aka Showtime was born on the exotic island of Barbados. Following in the likes of his father, Marlon also wanted to be a musician. Marlon started playing the keyboard at age 7 and has been ever since. At age 19 Marlon decided to start his own band “Tranx” where he performed in multiple hotels and private functions across the island. He later was asked to join the hottest nightclub band on the island “Strategy the Energy Band” where he became well known for his amazing musical arrangements and vocal abilities. This is where  Marlon inherited his stage name Showtime, every note he sang or chord he played was nothing less than amazing. Every stage that Marlon graced was left in aww.

At this point, everyone knew the name Showtime around the music scene, as a keyboardist, singer, songwriter, producer, and recording artist. Marlon works in many major studios across the island releasing music for one of the biggest and most popular festivals in the world "Crop Over". He also recorded and produced his own Album "One Day Genesis" which can be found on all media platforms, released April 2019. 

Being as popular as he was Marlon started working with other popular and famous names on the island and around the Caribbean. This took Marlon on tour for over 3 years, from the USA, Canada, and a number of Caribbean islands.

Soon after touring Marlon decided to try something different and headed to the high seas, working for Celebrity Cruises and P&O Cruises. Marlon spent just over 4 years traveling around the world and performing on the luxury liners for guests of all ages, cultures, and ethnic groups. With his wide repertoire and charming personality Showtime was loved by everyone. 

Marlon the adventurer that he is, moved to the UK to see what opportunities await him. So here we are, Marlon "Showtime" the founder, bandleader, and MD of The Real Deal Band, has made it his mission to find musicians like himself to form the Ultimate band to perform not only around the UK but around the World.

Showtime wants to share his musical talents and spread happiness where ever he performs so through his music he will put a smile on the faces of those who watches him.

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Lavinia Hedges

A professionally trained performer who studied at one of the well-known established musical theatre schools in England.
It wasn't long after graduating Lavinia moved back to Kent and started a professional musical career. Without hesitation, she quickly climbed to the top of the music scene, performing near and far for all occasions. 
Lavinia has left her mark on many stages as she travelled the UK and there's no doubt that her melodic voice will leave you mesmerized after each performance. Lavinia is an incredible singer-entertainer and has performed at countless iconic venues and 5 Star Hotels around London. Over the years Lavinia has been well-known for performing genres such as R&B, Pop, Soul & Motown just to name a few.

As a young entrepreneur already with a successful Children's Entertainment Business since 2015 followed by an explosive musical career, countless opportunities and doors opened up in the world of Arts & Entertainment.

Lavinia became a member of The Real Deal Band in the summer of 2021 and hasn't looked back since. Both the Band and Lavinia's goals aligned perfectly, which is to provide quality music and make people happy.